De nieuwste songteksten in het Nederlands
André Heller Der Souffleur 28-03-2023
Linkin Park Fighting Myself 28-03-2023
Happy Hardcore I'm A Raver 27-03-2023
Coldplay Politik 26-03-2023
Lucas Graham 7 Years 23-03-2023
Aynsley Lister Free 22-03-2023
Dave Picture Me 22-03-2023
Tiziano Ferro La Prima Festa Del Papa 21-03-2023
Meghan Trainor Made You Look 21-03-2023
Oslo Gospel Choir Get Together 19-03-2023
Josh WaWa White Take A Little Time 19-03-2023
GeorgeNus Ugkehkddwkwhfwfw Fiehfawsfjefiewhufgewhguwjgw Jiwjfiiejfewhufwadkofjegh 19-03-2023
Ed Sheeran Perfect 14-03-2023
Olivie Newton John Physical 10-03-2023
Bettina Wegner Tanz Mir Bis Die Liebe Bis Zum Shluss 08-03-2023
I Muvrini A La Terra Intera 06-03-2023
Lewis Capaldi Before You Go 04-03-2023
Justin Skye, Tyga Collide 04-03-2023
De Heideroosjes Hol Em Raus Klaus 02-03-2023
Mooski Track Star 26-02-2023
La Lupe Lo Que Paso Paso 23-02-2023
Cesaria Evora Partida 22-02-2023
Elton John Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me 19-02-2023
Celine Dion Pour Que Tu M' Aimes Encore 19-02-2023
Eddy Mitchell Société Anonyme 15-02-2023
Toto Cutugno Il Treno Va 10-02-2023
Rick Astley Never Gonne Give You Up 10-02-2023
Alejandro Abad Dile 08-02-2023
Eels Anything For You 07-02-2023
Jorge Rivera-Herrans The Horse And The Infant 06-02-2023
Baby Gang Mentalité 03-02-2023
Cian Ducrot I'll Be Waiting 30-01-2023
Benson Boone Before You 30-01-2023
Neymar JR Paradono Bailou 26-01-2023
Micheal Schulte You Let Me Walk Alone 25-01-2023
Bzn La Saison Francaise 24-01-2023
Dylan Conrique Birthday Cake 20-01-2023
Juke Ross Colour Me 20-01-2023
Ridsa Pourquoi 18-01-2023
Sera Held High 13-01-2023
Sting Shape Of My Heart 11-01-2023
Whitney Don't Cry For Me 10-01-2023
Eminem Superman 08-01-2023
SertdTig SertdTig 06-01-2023
Kylie Muse To The Boy 06-01-2023
The Walkers Therie Is No More Corn On The Brasos 05-01-2023
Referentse Sonvanger 02-01-2023
Roberto Carlos Amigo 31-12-2022
Taylor Swift Anti-Hero 26-12-2022
Leonard Cohen Ring The Bells 24-12-2022