Artiest Aniceto Nazareth

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Listen, Let Your Heart Keep Seeking Listen, 
let your heart keep seeking, 
Listen to his constant speaking, 
Listen to the Spirit calling you. 
Listen to his inspiration, 
Listen to his invitation,
Listen to the Spirit calling you. 

He’s in the sound of the thunder, In the whisper of the breeze. 
He’s in the might of the whirlwind, In the roaring of the seas. 
He’s in the laughter of children, In the patter of the rain. 
Hear him in cries of the suffering, In their moaning and their pain. He’s in the noise of the city, In the twitter off the bird, 

And in the night time the stillness Helps you listen to his word. 
He speaks through all your companions, 
Thru the friendly, thru the foe. 
Therefore give ear to the Spirit 
Wheresoever He may blow.