Artiest Ub40

Naam van het lied Sorry

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Vertaling Nederlands

Please don't say sorry 
Presuming a respect for what you say 
If in your heart you mean it 
Then you'll understand me feeling 
You must prove it; sign the check without delay 
Most humbly yours, four hundred years back pay 

I'm not begging charity 
Don't confuse the things I say 
Give me what belongs to me 
Give me what belongs to me 

Just don't say sorry 
As if that can excuse this tyranny 
No value in your talking 
Money speaks and bullshit's walking 
Round in circles re-inventing history 
Trying to erase our memory 

I'm not begging 

If you say sorry 
Can I assume you've realized the shame 
The seeds of your oppression 
Fall and ripen with aggression 
You can't hold us any longer with your chains 
Time to compensate us for our claims 

Don't bother wi' no sorry 
Don't bother wi' delay 
A four hundred years 
Is not just the other day 

I'm not begging charity 
Don't confuse up your mind 
Payment overdue 
Fe a long long time 

You come a we gate 
No bother hesitate 
You tek away we tings 
Like a damn pirate