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Naam van het lied Arise

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Vertaling Nederlands

For too long have we been silent
Too long we've compromised
Too long we have been blinded
and held captive by lies

Too long have we've been overcome
Instead of taking ground
The battle is already won
So why aren't we seeing kingdom come?

It's time to Arise
Time to Arise
No longer bound by fear
His Kingdom's drawing near
This is our time to arise

Verse 2:
We've been called to open blind eyes
To set the captive free
To lift high the name of Jesus
And overcome the enemy

To let love overwhelm the fear
And heal broken hearts
To restore what has been stolen 
and proclaim the rule of God.

I can hear the Lion roaring
I can feel the earth is shaking
His kingdom's coming like a flood
It's gonna spread like a fire
It's time to Arise